Tokyo Conference 2018

Amid major changes in the geopolitical landscape and the economic balance of power on a global scale, we are witnessing the destabilization of the international order and the deterioration of diverse global issues, including risks to the world economy. The aim of the Tokyo Conference is to have the representatives of the leading think tanks in 10 major countries conduct dialogue on diverse issues facing the world today.
World Agenda Studio 2018

A year has passed since the Trump administration was formed to carry out its “America First” policy, and The Genron NPO brought together a group of Japanese experts to discuss the future of world trade and the impact of U.S. President Donald Trump’s protectionist policies on globalization and free trade.
U.S.-Japan Joint Survey 2017

Views of the Japanese and American people on the North Korean situation

This survey asked the Japanese and American people about their views on solutions and effective measures regarding North Korea's nuclear missile development, as well as thoughts on possible U.S. military action, and the course of action by the U.S. and Japanese governments.

The 13th Tokyo-Beijing Forum

The 13th Tokyo-Beijing Forum will be held in Beijing under the general theme of “Japan-China cooperation for a more open global economic order and peace in Asia.” The forum will seek to conduct straightforward and practical dialogue for the improvement of bilateral relations, as well as expand the scope of discussion to examine how the two countries can cooperate in contributing to Asia, and to global issues and order.

As anti-globalism and protectionism become more prevalent in the global economy, it becomes even more important that Japan and China cooperate to establish a more open economic order.
Furthermore, tension continues to rise in Northeast Asia due to North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile development. Japan and China need to cooperate in addressing the issues on the Korean Peninsula because the international political and global economic environments, as well as peace in Northeast Asia, face many uncertainties.

The Japan-China Joint Opinion Survey 2017

The Japan-China joint survey shows improved sentiment among citizens

The Genron published the results of the Japan-China Annual Joint Opinion Poll 2017 on December 14, 2017. This survey is conducted annually by The Genron NPO and China International Publishing Group and was administered between mid-October and early November this year. Perhaps the most significant finding of this year's Japan-China joint survey is that sentiment among citizens of the two countries toward each other is showing signs of improvement. But the 13th annual opinion poll conducted by The Genron NPO and China International Publishing Group also shows that they feel the two countries have lingering issues that prevent the bilateral relationship from improving fundamentally.


World Agenda Studio―debating global issues, proposing solutions from Japan

The Genron NPO launched a new challenge of engaging global agenda to contribute to solution of global issues at hand. We expand the discussion framework in Japan and elaborate with other leading global think-tanks in pursuit of solving the imminent problems facing countries around the world. For this purpose, we newly launched the "World Agenda Studio" page to our website, where our activities are reported as a voice of Japan.


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