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About The Genron NPO

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What is The Genron NPO?

The Genron NPO was established in 2001 by leading Japanese intellectuals who were dissatisfied with the Japanese media, and called into question the authenticity of the voices of the general public. These intellectuals sought to prepare a new platform for constructive discussions and eventually nurture meaningful measures to address Japan's major issues.
Our activities are independent and neutral with regard to any government interest or specific concern. To maintain such independence and neutrality, and to remain non-political and non-religious, we conduct an annual self-evaluation and publicly announce the study findings.

What we do

Proposing the future direction of Japan

Japanese politics is turning a blind eye to the immediate issues the country faces, such as the looming probability of a financial crash, as well as the issue of rapid aging/dwindling number of children.
The Genron NPO believes that the voters, who are the actual selectors of the politicians, must change their mind-set toward Japan's future. Based on such a belief, it evaluates how the measures of the government and political parties are tackling various issues on a regular basis, and releases its findings to the electorate so that they can be used as a judgment yardstick.
Concurrently, The Genron NPO holds various discussions on impending government measures, so that they would be realized in the future.

Resurrecting Japan's democracy

Seeking to make Japan's democracy function properly and probe for the best solutions, The Genron NPO discusses issues related to the political system and problems borne by the media. At the same time, it seeks to construct a framework that allows each citizen to learn and think about the above issues, hoping that such a framework would eventually expand to a nationwide level.
The Genron NPO also reinforces its bond between Japan's non-profit organizations and citizens. This is done by awarding systematically excellent NPOs that accommodate the actions of citizens who voluntarily tackle various pressing issues.

Genron NPO's new challenge

In order to solve the longtime dispute in the East Asian region and nurture a citizen-level responsibility, The Genron NPO has started promoting a new type of diplomacy that drives public opinion, which in turn allows many people to share, tackle and solve various issues as their own problems.
One such example is the private-level bilateral talks it organizes with China and South Korea, as well as its multilateral talks involving the United States.

Global issues at hand

In order to solve various global issues shared by many countries around the world, The Genron NPO attends numerous international conferences and holds discussions with the world's leading think tanks. Concurrently, it has been holding discussions in Japan with many opinion leaders and is releasing the discussion contents to the world in English. To this end, the tentatively named "the Tokyo Conference" will be held in 2017, at which the global agenda will be discussed with leading think tanks abroad.

Supporters of The Genron NPO

Roughly 500 opinion leaders, including government-related persons, corporate managers, journalists, academics and researchers, support the activities of The Genron NPO. Furthermore, the discussion contents are delivered to roughly 8,000 opinion leaders, some of whom The Genron NPO invites as guest speakers to its debates.

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