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Recent joint annual public opinion polls in Japan and South Korea show a halt to years of worsening feelings toward each other's country, but both countries' peoples are not totally confident that bilateral relations will continue to improve.                           →Read Report

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2017/03/22 [ Poll 2016 ]

The Genron NPO Poll 2016:
The Future of Northeast Asia and Public Opinions

        Download full report (pdf) Preface The opinion surveys The Genron NPO conducted in 2016 pertain to the issues of peace in Northeast Asia, national sentiments toward each other's country and mutual understanding, and the challenges the world faces regarding democracy. The annual opinion su...

2016/11/13 [ Japan-China-ROK Opinion Poll ]

Japan-China-ROK Opinion Polls (2016) Reveal
Views on Future of Northeast Asia

Yasushi Kudo, president of The Genron NPO The Genron NPO recently carried out public opinion surveys jointly with South Korea's East Asia Institute and China's Horizon Research Consultancy Group to learn the views of people in Japan, China and South Korea about the future of Northeast Asia, and the ...

2016/09/27 [ Japan-China Joint Opinion Poll ]

Polls show Sino-Japan public sentiment worsens;
direct interaction key to improvement

The 12th Japan-China Joint Opinion Poll Analysis Report on the Comparative Data(2016) Yasushi Kudo, President of The Genron NPO Although the latest annual survey on Japan-China relations shows that the Chinese and Japanese public's views of each other's country have worsened, hope for improvement in...

2016/09/23 [ Japan-China Joint Opinion Poll ]

The 12th Japan-China Joint Opinion Poll Analysis Report on the Comparative Data(2016)

Read Article about the result "Polls show Sino-Japan public sentiment worsens; direct interaction key to improvement"      In Cooperation With: Japan: Public Opinion Research Institute CorporationChina: Horizon Research Consultation GroupSeptember, 2016 Download  ...

2016/08/15 [ Japan-Korea Joint Opinion Poll ]

The 4th Japan-South Korea Joint Public Opinion Poll (2016)
Analysis Report on Comparative Data

In Cooperation with: Japan:Public Opinion Research Center South Korea: Hankook Research Co.Ltd / July 2016 Download PDF  ...