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The Genron NPO is pleased to announce the renewal of its English website. Up todate, the English web site delivered updates on our projects, research and debates from our key projects, such as civil diplomacy in East Asia and Japanese democracy. With the newly-launched platform to deliberate on solutions for global issues, we will also deliver more quality debates and opinions from Japan to Asia and to the world.

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Op-ed 【Yomiuri Shimbun】
Non-governmental dialogue serves as foundation for peace-building efforts in Asia Yasushi Kudo

Popular support based on sound public opinion is indispensable for the facilitation of government diplomacy. We, The Genron NPO, are promoting "non-governmental diplomacy" with a strong resolve to foster among the public a favorable environment conducive to the government-to-government diplomacy.
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2017/05/25 [ Kudo’s Blog ]

My Trip to America:
Experiencing the Power of Democracy

I am now at the Dulles International Airport in Washington, waiting for my flight back to Japan after a month of meetings and discussions. We entered the United States on the 7th of May, headed towards New York on the 10th, and returned to Washington on the 14th. In the four days leading up to today...

2017/05/08 [ Kudo’s Blog ]

Reflecting on my visit to Indonesia: Towards Solving the Problems of Democracy in Asia

This is Kudo from the Genron NPO. I've just completed my schedule in Indonesia, and will be heading to Washington next. The dialogue on democracy in Indonesia has been an incredible learning experience for me. The Future Dialogue and its Large Potential First, let me talk about the Future Dialogue...

2017/04/28 [ Kudo’s Blog ]

Kudo's Blog
Thoughts from Germany: Japan and Germany, which have cultivated democracy after losing the Second World War, and their roles in a destabilizing world

This is Kudo from the Genron NPO, writing from Berlin. For the past two days, I've been busy discussing with officials from top German think tanks, economists, and politicians, especially those specializing in foreign policy. One of the reasons I'm here in Germany now is to take part in a dialogue b...

2016/06/24 [ Kudo’s Blog ]

Wisdom must be gathered
to encourage anti-populist moves

By Yasushi Kudo, President of The Genron NPO This is a translation of Yasushi Kudo's commentary that appeared in the June 21 morning issue of The Mainichi Shimbun, a leading daily newspaper in Japan. The Council of Councils, which groups the world's 25 leading think tanks under the initiative of the...

2016/01/01 [ Kudo’s Blog ]

Network of like-minded individuals for problem-solving to be created

By Yasushi Kudo, president of The Genron NPO A Happy New Year. Let me convey my deepest gratitude for your support and cooperation for the activities of The Genron NPO in 2015. We, The Genron NPO, are marking the 15th anniversary of the organization's founding this year. In retrospect, I set up The ...